Pioneering Hydropower: Nature & People First’s Vision for Navajo Nation

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Welcome to the ‘Clean Energy Voices’ – A series that brings to the forefront the innovative clean energy initiatives across New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, with a special focus on tribal communities and the Four Corners area.

In Our Premiere Episode:

  • Spotlight on Denis Payre, President of Nature & People First, discussing a pivotal pumped hydropower storage project within the Navajo Nation.
  • A Deep Dive into Sustainability: Learn how this project exemplifies 4CCEA’s vision by balancing low carbon energy production with stringent environmental standards.
  • Impact Unveiled: Discover the project’s role in the broader tapestry of clean energy development, including its contributions to clean hydrogen, solar, wind, and more.

Discover the Sound of a Cleaner Tomorrow

Experience Our Latest Clean Energy Initiative

Tune into a powerful message about the future of clean energy, narrated by Navajo Elder Victor Dee.

Originally broadcast in Navajo on KNDN, this message now reaches a wider audience, emphasizing how sustainable, affordable energy can revolutionize our homes, businesses, and communities. Clean energy development extends beyond environmental protection, it opens pathways to new career avenues and opportunities for our youth.

Join us in this journey towards a clean energy future.